Cherry Blossoms


Perhaps you are feeling depressed or anxious - maybe you're unsure about the future of a relationship, or feeling that something is missing from your life. You might be looking to break out of unhealthy patterns that are keeping you stuck.

As a therapist, my role is to provide support and guidance in the service of meaningful change. Therapy has the potential to heal old wounds, build on our strengths and promote a greater sense of joy and well-being. 

I will draw on my experience with different treatment approaches to help you move toward your goals. I have a background in psychodynamic therapy, CBT and DBT, and I also use mind-body interventions. My style is warm, empathic and interactive. 

Areas of Expertise Include: 

Anxiety and Stress


Grief and Loss


Substance Use Disorders

Relationship and Interpersonal Difficulties

Career Issues

Existential and Spiritual Concerns

Life Transitions

Cherry Blossoms


For most of my career, I have provided individual and group therapy in various outpatient clinics within a large, integrated hospital setting. I also have experience treating clients with substance use disorders.

My clients are diverse in terms of racial and cultural background, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability and socio-economic status. I help clients address a wide range of concerns, from mild adjustment issues to complex mental health and life challenges.

I regularly consult with fellow therapists, psychiatrists and providers in other disciplines, with the aim of providing the best possible care to clients. 

I have also served as supervisor for post-doctoral residents.

I received my PsyD from Alliant University's California School of Professional Psychology in 2004.   

Psychologist License: PSY20445